Stallion Program

They don’t call us the sunshine state for nothing! 

It pays to own an Accredited Florida Stallion. Now it will even pay you an additional 4%! The more accredited progeny your stallion has running in Florida the bigger the earning potential. 

EVERY FOAL sired by an Accredited Florida Stallion is eligible to be a Florida Bred. Yes, every foal – no matter where the mare resides or the foal is born, even outside the US! Simply fill out the Florida Bred Accreditation Form, pay the fee, and send us a copy of the foal’s AQHA papers! 

This allows the genetics of the accredited Florida Breds to stay at the highest level and encourages the production of accredited Florida Breds that can compete with the best horses in the world.

Starting with the 2011/2012 race meet at Hialeah Park all Accredited Florida Breds will receive an additional 20% in winnings on top of the purse money in ALL RACES simply by placing 1st through 4th 

The 20% is divided as follows:
  • Owner receives 8%
  • Breeder receives 8%
  • Accredited Florida Stallion Owner receives 4%. 
Here’s an example: If “Speedy” an Accredited Florida Bred won the Laddie Futurity and the purse was $176,000, “Speedy” would take home $73,920 in purse money (42% to winner), and an additional 20% or $14,784, which would bring “Speedy’s” winnings to $88,704!   
Breakdown of above example if total purse is $176,000.00

“Speedy” an Accredited Florida Bred wins Laddie Futurity         $  73,920.00
Accredited Florida Stallion Owner receives 4% of 20%  $   2,956.80
Owner receives 8% of 20%                                                   $   5,913.60
Breeder receives 8% of 20%                                                 $   5,913.60
                                             Total to “Speedy’s” earnings    $  88,704.00

For complete rules on eligibility for Accredited Florida Stallions, click on the link at left "Stallion Accreditation". Stallions must be accredited EACH year.