FAQs: Florida Bred Program


I own a stallion that lives in Florida. It is April and I forgot to fill out my paperwork to make him an Accredited Florida Stallion. Can I still accredite him for the current breeding season?


Yes, you can still accredit your stallion for the current breeding season, BUT any foals conceived BEFORE he is accredited WILL NOT be Florida Bred eligible and you will have to pay the late fee. The foals conceived after your stallion is accredited will be Florida Bred eligible.

All stallions standing in Florida shall have their application filed and their fees paid by February 15th of each breeding season. After that date, there is a late fee charged for accreditation. Foals conceived before actual date of accreditation are not Florida Bred eligible, even if the stallion is accredited later in the same breeding season. No Stallion Accreditations will be accepted after June 30th of the current breeding year.

For a compete set of rules, please click on the "Stallion Accreditation" link on left.


I want a Florida Bred but I can't send my mare to Florida - is that possible?

YES! The resulting foal from a mare domiciled in any state or country that is bred to an Accredited Florida Stallion is eligible to be an Accredited Florida Bred.

***Being domiciled in Florida does not make a stallion an Accredited Florida Stallion, to be certain the stallion you would like to breed to IS an Accredited Florida Stallion, simply click on "Stallion Accreditation" at left, then click on the appropriate list per year to confirm if a stallion was accredited or is currently accredited.***

If a stallion lives in Florida is it an Accredited Florida Stallion?


Not necessarily. A stallion must be accredited each breeding season with the State of Florida by meeting all Accredited Florida Stallion requirements, filling out appropriate paperwork ,and paying appropriate fees. For more information on how to accredit your stallion Click Here, or contact FQHRA at 850-386-3619.


If I bought a stallion in the FQHRA Stallion Service Auction, is the resulting foal Florida-bred eligible?

Maybe! If you purchased a breeding to an Accredited Florida Stallion, then YES, the resulting foal is eligible.

If you purchased a stallion that IS NOT an Accredited Florida Stallion, then NO, the resulting foal is not eligible, unless she foals out in Florida and is bred back to an Accredited Florida Stallion. Then you get 2 for 1 eligibility since both foals will then be eligible to be accredited.

My horse is currently at the track so I can't send her papers in to get her accredited. What can I do?

  No problem! We don't require original AQHA papers be sent with the application. Please send us a copy of her papers and we will get her accredited. Remeber, if you want her to be able to accrue points at the Hialeah meet this year you MUST have her paperwork to us before the end of October.