Breeders Program



Awards shall be on a point system combined with a two tiers of distribution based on these points and award monies available. To stimulate more economic impact in the accredited Florida bred industry, part of the breeders’ awards money will go to the $200,000 Sunshine State Derby which is restricted to accredited Florida breds. The amount to be supplemented to the Sunshine State Derby will be determined by the difference in entry fees paid by the horsemen and the final amount needed to reach $200,000. Since this is a restricted accredited Florida bred race and owners are awarded by the supplementation of purse money to the race, only the breeder of the entrant and the accredited Florida Stallion owner of the entrant will receive additional owner/breeder awards from this race as per the system below.

The points in the point system tier of the breeders’ awards plan are given to each accredited Florida Bred based on the difficulty and class of races the horses have competed in and the placing of each individual horse in each race.

The total money awarded to each accredited Florida bred, each accredited Florida stallion and each breeder will be based on a combination of each horse’s placing in races if it places 1st through 4th in the first tier of the system.

The owner(s) of the horse(s) receiving any owners’ and breeders’ awards must be the same entity as listed on the AQHA papers as owner/breeder and/or stallion owner. If the accredited Florida bred is by a stallion that was an accredited Florida stallion at the time of conception of the point winning horse, then the owner/s of the stallion at the time of conception will receive their percent of the accredited Florida bred money in owners’ and breeders’ awards. The breeder will receive their percent of  any breeders’ awards that are not awarded using tier 1 of the breeders plan.

Tier 1. All accredited Florida bred horses finishing 1st through 4th in any 2015-16 qualified  Quarter Horse approved   meet will receive an additional 20% accredited Florida-bred purse bonus with the following stipulations:

1. Only horses that are accredited Florida-breds are eligible.

2. Accredited Florida-bred status must be in place prior to the beginning of the race to be eligible.

3. Only bonus-eligible horses finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th are eligible.

4. This purse bonus applies to all races in the condition book.

5. The owner of record of an eligible horse at the time of entry will receive a purse bonus equal to 8% of the purse earned in that race.

6. The breeder of record, as is stated on a horse's AQHA registration papers, of an eligible horse will receive a purse bonus equal to 8% of the purse earned in that race.

7. The owner of record of the sire at the time of conception of a bonus-eligible horse is eligible for a purse bonus of 4% of the purse earned in that race, if the sire of the bonus-eligible horse was an accredited Florida Stallion at the time of conception.

The second tier of the system will be put in place if not all is awarded using the first tier. The number of points awarded to an individual accredited Florida bred using the second tier plan will be computed as a percentage of all points that are awarded to all the accredited Florida breds racing at the 2015-16 permitholder meet. Any remaining monies not awarded in tier one will be awarded in tier two based on this point system.

Any portion of the accredited Florida bred breeders awards not used in tier 1 of this breeders awards plan will be awarded on the following point system for accredited Florida breds finishing 1st through 6th in any race in which the 2015-16 permit holders meet described at Tier 2 and detailed in the table below.

Class of Race                      1st place           2nd place        3rd place       4thplace      5th place        6th place


Maiden/Claiming                      10 points            6 points            3 points           2 points         1 point            .5pts    


Allowance/maiden                   15 points            9 points           4.5 points        3 points        1.5 points       1 point     

SPW  and trial races


Stakes                                       30 points           18 points             9 points          6 points         3 points       1.5 pts     

 less than $30,000


Stakes                                      40 points           24 points          12 points          8 points         4 points        2 points 

$30,000 to $50,000         


Stakes                                      50 points          30 points           15 points         10 points          5 points          2.5 points 

$50,000 to $100,000  


Stakes                                       60 points          36 points           18 points         12 points          6 points           3 points 

$100,000 to $150,000


Stakes                                       70 points         42 points            21 points         14 points          7 points            3.5 point

 $150,000 and greater                                         


Each accredited Florida Bred racing at a 2015-2016 permit holder meet will have their points calculated off the above table. That horse will then have their points divided by the total number of points awarded and the resulting percentage number will be multiplied by (total award monies - minus all monies awarded in Tier 1 of the breeders program described above.) The resulting number will be the amount of money awarded to that accredited Florida bred. If all monies are awarded in accredited Florida bred awards as a result of Tier 1 describes above, there will be no awards given as a result to the point system described in tier 2.

Any stallion that was an accredited Florida stallion at the time of conception of any of the accredited Florida bred horses that win owners’ and breeders’ awards based on the above table will receive 50% of the number of points as his progeny that raced at a 2015- 2016 approved quarter horse meet.

Any stallion that became an accredited Florida stallion on or before December 31, 2008 and is the sire of any horses that win owners & breeders’ awards based on the above table and was based in Florida at the time of conception will receive 50% of the number of points as his progeny that raced at a 2015-2016 QH meet.

Any breeder (mare owner at time of conception) of any horse that wins owners’ and breeders’ awards  will receive the same number of points as the progeny of the horse that is racing at the 2015-2016  QH meet.

Each permitholder  that conducts a qualified quarter horse meet must send information relating to race results to the FQHBOA within 30 days after the end of the race meet.  Fl. Statues 550.2625(5)(d)

This information shall include the class of race as categorized above, amount of purse, placement of each horse.  It shall also indicate  the horses Florida Bred Accreditation  number as issued by the Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Service.

This owner and breeder award system is planned to stimulate the breeding and buying of accredited Florida breds.  This breeders’ awards program will meet the minimum amount of breeders awards according to Florida statutes. We appreciate your time and effort in working with FQHBOA to develop a new and vibrant American Quarter Horse breeding and racing industry.

 John Shaw, President, FQHBOA

Now it will even pay you an additional 20%!  Accredited Florida Breds will receive an additional 20% in winnings on top of the purse money in ALL RACES, with the exception of the Sunshine State Derby.

The 20% is divided as follows:
  • Owner receives 8%
  • Breeder receives 8%
  • Accredited Florida Stallion Owner receives 4%. 

Here’s an example: If “Speedy” an Accredited Florida Bred won the race and the purse was $176,000, “Speedy” would take home $73,920 in purse money (42% to winner), and an additional 20% or $14,784, which would bring “Speedy’s” winnings to $88,704! 
Breakdown of above example if total purse is $176,000.00

“Speedy” an Accredited Florida Bred wins the race        $  73,920.00
Accredited Florida Stallion Owner receives 4% of 20%               2,956.80
Owner receives 8% of 20%                                                   $   5,913.60
Breeder receives 8% of 20%                                                 $   5,913.60
                                             Total to “Speedy’s” earnings    $  88,704.00

(Fl award monies are awarded after completion of the approved QH meet)

Q&A: I bred to a Accredited Florida Stallion, is my foal eligible to be accredited?

EVERY FOAL sired by an Accredited Florida Stallion is eligible to be a Florida Bred. Yes, every foal – no matter where the mare resides or the foal is born, even outside the US! Simply fill out theFlorida Bred Accreditation Form, pay the fee, and send us a copy of the foal’s AQHA papers! Once ALL requirements are received, we will pass it on the the Dept of Agriculture, who will then print your Accredted Florida Bred Certificate and mail it to you.

Q&A: My mare lives in Florida and foaled out in Florida, does that make the foal eligible?

Simply foaling out or living in Florida does NOT make the foal eligible, BUT if you breed the mare back to an Accredited Florida Stallion within the same year that the foal is born, then you can register BOTH foals.  For complete rules, please go to "Foal Accreditation" at left and read the complete set of rules and regulations to become a Florida Bred.

Q&A: Why does FQHRA let mares reside and foal out in other states or countries?

This allows the genetics of the accredited Florida Breds to stay at the highest level and encourages the production of accredited Florida Breds that can compete with the best horses in the world. In August 2011, an Accredited Florida Bred, Tsunami 09, won the $86,000 All Canadian Futurity, Go Florida Breds!

Q&A: Can I just wait until I am at the track to turn in my Florida Bred Application?

NO! Really, NO! Florida Bred applications must be mailed to our address or submitted online. Also, to have points acrue for Florida Bred Awards the horse must have turned in ALL required information (complete application, copy of AQHA paper, & payment) 30 days BEFORE the barns open for racing.