Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ron Smith- President (Term 2015-2018)
Ron grew up in Georgia, and has been connected with horses most of his life. He trained and showed horses for a number of years. As a trainer, he has five World Champions and six Reserve World Champions to his credit. In 2001, Ron was elected National Director for the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) representing the state of Georgia. He has served on the Show and Contest, Membership Services, Marketing and Membership, Recreational Riding, Nominations and Credentials, and Hall of Fame Selection Committees. He served as Chairman of the Membership Services, Marketing and Membership, and Hall of Fame Selection Committees. In Georgia, Ron has served the Georgia Quarter Horse Association since 1984. He served as Board of Director, Vice President, and in 1999 and 2000 served as President. In 1997, he was instrumental in resurrecting the declining Big A Circuit. It is now one of the top five horse shows in the country. In 2011, the Georgia Quarter Horse Racing Association received new Affiliate status with AQHA, and Corporate status with the State of Georgia. Ron currently serves as President, and works with a number of individuals to bring pari-mutual horse racing to Georgia.  He and his wife Carlene live on the north eastern border of Florida and Georgia in St. Marys Georgia. LightHorse Inc. is located there. It provides both clinical and animal assisted therapy to nine southeast Georgia counties as well as the Jacksonville Fl. area. Horses are used in the Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Riders with Disabilities programs. Ron is the co-founder, and serves as the Executive Director.

Gary Walker- - Vice President (Term 2015-2018)
Gary Walker was raised on his family's ranch in El Reno, Oklahoma with a very strong background in agribusiness, raising horses, cattle, and wheat.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State University and is the former Director of Equine Science at Redlands Community College in El Reno Okla. He has been involved in the racing industry all his life. He spent his childhood following his grandfather, Jack Wilkerson, to pre-pari-mutuel racetracks such as Garfield Downs in Enid, Midway Downs in Stroud, Ross Meadows in Ada, and Blue Ribbon Downs in Sallisaw. Those were the days! He knows the importance of horse racing and understands how critical it is to develop and maintain a working partnership between horsemen and track management to insure the opportunities to protect and insure the continuation of live racing opportunities. Gary trains all breeds and stables "on grounds" at Remington Park, Fair Meadows, Will Rogers Down in Oklahoma; and at Hialeah Park in Florida giving him firsthand knowledge of the challenges horsemen face every day with track managements, track surfaces, and facilities. 
Gary serves on the board of OQHRA and on the horsemen’s track committee at all three Oklahoma racetracks.  Gary is excited about the opportunities he sees for Quarter Horse Racing in Florida and is willing to give of his time and share his experiences to make the racing in Florida be all it can be.

William 'Snuffy' Smith- Secretary (Term 2014-2017)

William A. “Snuffy” Smith was born on February 10, 1951. He was born and raised in Sparks, Georgia.  He attended Georgia Southern University, 1969-1971. Snuffy was raised on a poultry farm in Sparks, Georgia. He has worked as a licensed real estate and insurance agent. He has constructed and owned several hotels in the 1980s and the 1990s.  William, “Snuffy” was elected Cook County Commissioner for Cook County Georgia for two terms.  He also served as the Chairman of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia Department of Transportation committee for two years. Snuffy has been involved in breeding, showing, and racing of American Quarter Horses for twenty five years. He has raced Quarter Horses at Remington Park, Prairie Meadows, Will Rogers Downs, Indiana Downs, Fair Meadows, Hialeah Park, and Ruidoso Downs. Snuffy presently resides in Sparks, Georgia with Connie his wife of forty-four years. They are the parents of William A. “Will” Smith and Ruth Ollie Smith. Will is the head baseball coach at Worth County High School. Will’s wife is Michelle Autry Smith. Their daughter, Ruth presently works as a pharmaceutical representative in Atlanta, Georgia. William, “Snuffy” and Connie are proud grandparents of Worth Smith age 12 and Luke Smith age 9.

David Muzio- Treasurer (Term 2015-2018)

David Muzio, grandson of the late Spencer L. Childers, spent his childhood and young adult life on a ranch in the central part of California.  During this period he became an avid roper and horse enthusiast, but fueled by his grandfather’s passion for aviation, joined the military to pursue a career as a pilot.  He graduated with honors from U.S. Army flight school in 1986.  Initially he flew for an attack helicopter battalion, and in 1991, transitioned to fixed wing aircraft.  In 1996 David became extremely active in aviation safety.  He conceived and developed a software package that automated the accident investigation process and the management of the numerous accident prevention programs within an aviation organization.  It was his creative thinking in the realm of accident investigation and prevention that established him as a leader in the aviation safety community and ultimately led to him being hired by the National Transportation Safety Board.
In early 2010, David retired from the Safety Board to manage his grandfather’s horse racing operation and agricultural businesses.  He misses the challenges of the past, but is passionate about carrying on his grandfather’s legacy and helping to increase the stability, profitability, and visibility of the racing of American Quarter Horses.
Throughout David’s professional life, he has been considered a successful “out of the box” thinker who works well with others to achieve common objectives.  If re-elected to the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association’s Board of Directors, David will continue to bring a wealth of equine and non-equine knowledge and experience to bear on the goal of making Florida a premier location for the racing of Quarter Horses.

Marvin Boyle – Lifetime Honorary 

Dr. Steve Fisch  (Term 2014-2017)

Dr. Steve Fisch is a 1982 graduate of the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine. He is the founder and owner of AVS Equine Medical & Surgical Hospital which is a full service equine hospital and reproductive center in Tallahassee, Florida. Dr. Fisch has been involved with racing American Quarter Horses since his childhood. He was a jockey at several bush tracks and he also raced at Green Acres Raceway back when it was an official AQHA track and at Gator Downs in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Fisch has raced American Quarter Horses in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California and Florida from the 1970’s to the present.  He and his wife, Kelley, started Flying Fisch Farm, their breeding operation, in 2007 anticipating the demand for quality Florida-Bred horses. Dr. Fisch’s family is all very horse oriented. His three daughters Jessica, Casey, and Zoey all love and show horses and his son Joe Fisch, DVM is an excellent horseman and an equine veterinarian. His wife, Kelley, is the breeding coordinator at their hospital. 

Dr. Fisch served as the president of FQHRA since it was founded in October 2005. He believes that the AQHA racing industry in Florida is about to step up to the next level. Dr. Fisch thanks all the loyal FQHRA members and the current board of directors for sticking together and working through many difficulties so that now Florida is in a position to be a top state for the racing, breeding and sales of American Racing Quarter horses. He believes there will be always be obstacles on our path to success. However by staying together, staying focused on our long term goals and making sure that the care and wellbeing of the American Quarter Horse is always paramount in our minds, we will be successful.

Member Killearn United Methodist Church, President FQHRA, National AQHA Director, AQHA Racing Council, AQHA Racing Committee, Georgia Quarter Horse Racing Association (GQHRA) Board of Directors, Member American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), Member Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Butch Wise-
(Term 2016-2019)
Butch is probably best known in the industry for his keen eye for a horse and the ability to market that horse in a way that the owner/breeder gets the highest possible dollar for his investment.  He also manages the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, OK and its exceptional battery of Quarter Horse stallions.  Butch has an uncanny ability to understand the worldwide business of horse racing and breeding and is able to anticipate how those changes or trends will affect the racing industry.  He has served on the OQHRA board for almost 23 years, is currently an AQHA director, and has served several terms on the AQHA Racing Council.  Butch and wife Nancy live in El Reno, OK, and are involved in racing as owners and breeders.  Butch has donated countless hours to meetings and negotiations to protect the horsemen’s purses, promote the live race meets, and help develop and implement strategies to promote racing opportunities for the Quarter Horse industry everywhere. He was very involved in negotiations to implement gaming in Oklahoma and see that the horsemen were protected and compensated as the track expanded its gaming footprint.  Butch is willing to continue donating his time and vast business experience to expand the future of Quarter Horse racing in Florida. 

John Shaw- (Term 2014-2017)
John’s earliest fascination of racing came from his love and treasured friendship of Elmer and Harriet Heubeck of Rosemere Farms and, in later years, Hobeau Farms in Ocala, Florida. Elmer introduced John to the finest thoroughbred racing and helped his family with quarter racing by allowing them to breed to his thoroughbred stallions. This breeding program came full circle in the late 60’s when the Shaw family decided to transfer from show and performance horses to racing quarter horses and the rest is history. They started out with what mares they had that would carry over into racing like Red Miller QH mares.  Soon they were buying better bred racing lines.
John’s earliest association with racing organizations came from being asked to serve on the original quarter horse advisory committee which was formed by the then Commissioner of Agriculture., Doyle Connor.He served at Doyle’s request until the committee was resolved, after many years.  John has been a Florida director to the AQHA  for close to 15 years and have served on the numerous committees such as STUD BOOK, HALL OF FAME and NOMINATIONS AND CREDENTIALS plus numerous side committee assignments and interim racing director.
Thanks to Elmer Heubck’s guidance and TB horses The Shaw family has bred many stakes winners and champions. All of them were raised and breed here in Florida to his best recollection.  John is presently on the AQHA’S racing committee and has been on the FQHRA board of Directors for 3 years.

Monica Williams- (Term 2014-2017)
Monica Williams grew up in Longview, Texas.  She is the oldest of four daughters.  Her father, Larry Johnston, was fascinated with racehorses and owned a few throughout her childhood. 
Monica took over Bielau Oaks in May 2010 after the passing of her father.  She currently oversees approximately 130 horses, a staff of 6, and 270 acres.  At Bielau Oaks, they specialize in breeding mares, embryo transfers, foaling, raising weanlings, and sale prepping yearlings. Monica, thru Bielau Oaks, has run quarter horses at the last two Hialeah meets, and plans to do so for the 2014-2015 Hialeah meet. Monica became a member of the AQHA Racing Committee in 2012.
Gerald Keesling- (Term 2015-2018)
Gerald brings to FQHRA 35+ Years of involvement in Florida Quarter Horse Racing. He has 40+ Years Business Owner: Keesling Construction Inc. and Sand Cay Farm in Punta Gorda, FloridaGerald spent his early years on farm with his grandparents in Indiana where he was able to develop his horsemanship skills. In addition to his  family of 6 children, and  11 grandchildren, Gerald is a strong community supporter of youth athletics and horsemanship. Gerald is the owner and breeder of Mr. Joe Im Kool - AQHA Supreme World Champion Stallion. Sand Cay Farm is currently home to Gerald's 15 Quarter Horses, 4 of which are currently racing.

Lee Jenkins- (Term 2015-2018)
Lee graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Degree in Marketing.  After working in marketing in Atlanta, he decided he wanted to be out in the community making a difference. In addition to running his racing stable, Stick and Move Stable, Lee is a Fire Lieutenant and leads a team of professional Fire fighters and Paramedics. On a daily basis, he attempt to replicate the traits that he has cultivated from years as a horseman, in order to provide help, empathy, and understanding to his community. Lee will use same skills to help FQHRA reach the horseman’s goals.

At the 2011 AQHA Convention in Grapevine, Texas, FQHRA Board of Director John Shaw of Jacksonville, Florida was elevated to “AQHA National Director at Large” and FQHRA President, Steve Fisch, DVM of Tallahassee, Florida was elected to the AQHA National Board of Directors. Both John Shaw and Dr. Fisch are also on the AQHA Racing Committee.