Candidate Biographies

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Butch Wise
Butch has been a FQHRA BOD member for 3 years and is a long time FQHRA member. He has been in partnerships racing horses at Hialeah, is manager of the Lazy E Ranch in Oklahoma, is on the AQHA Executive committee and is a future AQHA president, is an active member and a major force behind favorable legislation passed for QH racing in Oklahoma. Butch also testified in the recent FQHRA vs DBPR hearing as a witness for FQHRA as to the importance of the economic development of horse racing within a state.

Ben Hudson
Ben is owner of Track Magazine and has been a FQHRA BOD member for 3 years. Ben has been involved in negotiations with Hialeah. Ben flew to Miami at his own expense and met with Hialeah and FQHRA lawyers in past Horsemenís group/purse disputes. Ben is an AQHA Hall of Fame member and along with Butch Wise, supplies FQHRA with a direct line to many important facets in AQHA racing through AQHAís administrative and racing departments. Ben has also raced in partnerships at Hialeah.

Paul Blanchard

Paul grew up in Florida and would like to come home again. Paul is a co-founder of Zia Park in New Mexico and is currently the owner of The Downs At Albuquerque in New Mexico. Paul races American QHís and is a member of the AQHA racing committee. Paul has hired a legal team and has made a few trips to Florida in an attempt to purchase 1 or 2 of the 3 Quarter Horse permits located in north Florida. Paul has also supplied information for the New Mexico legislature regarding the economic benefits of horse racing to the stateís economy. Paul is a member of the AQHA racing committee

Randy Weidner

Randy is an AQHA racing owner and trainer that has trained in several states across the country, including Hialeah. He was president of the Minnesota QH Association and was instrumental in legislation and racing in the state. Randy is a member of the AQHA racing committee and championís selection sub- committee.